Springs We Can Create Customized To Your Needs

  • Compression Springs

Compression springs come in a variety of small and large sizes manufactured with or without a grind. Compression springs can come in a variety of different shapes such as barrel, hourglass and cylindrical. You also have the option for spacing or no spacing as well.

  • Extension Springs

Extension springs come in a variety of small and large sizes, manufactured with all types of hook designs, typically swivel, full, regular and special. Extension springs have the ability to absorb and store energy by providing resistance to a pulling force. You can find extension springs in washing machines, garage doors, balance scales and much more.

  • Torsion Springs

We carry a variety of small and large sizes, manufactured with all types of leg configurations. Torsion springs are used to store energy that rotates while applying torque. The stress doesn’t come from torsion, but from bending

  • Garter Springs

Garter springs are manufactured with either closed coils or with a pitch, and they come in various lengths for you to choose from. These types of springs exert radial forces. You can find these types of springs in motor belts, piston ring expanders and electrical connectors.


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